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Baby toys. Questions and answers.

How many toys does your child need?

Children need a lot of play to promote healthy development. However, toys are not the only things suitable for play. Every home has a large number of objects suitable for playing: pots, spoons, books, etc. There is no minimum required number of toys.

However, a recent study shows that the fewer toys a child has, the longer and more effectively he plays with them, while the quality of play decreases with too many toys.

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How to choose baby toys?

It is always better to choose simpler toys. The more functions a toy has, the less the child needs to act when playing with it. If the child just sits and watches the toy perform its functions, it is not very different from watching television.

Baby toys should be large, without small elements, scratches, fragments and unpleasant odors. There should not be many of them so that the child learns to focus on one object. Painted toys should be rubbed with the hand before use: if the paint remains on the fingers, this toy should not be given to the child. Before the first use, plastic and rubber toys must be soaked in a baby soap solution; textile toys must also be washed.

Do developing mats develop?

From the age of three months, children really like to spend time on developmental mats. The child can be left alone on the mat for a while; so mothers usually use this time to rest. It is convenient and you can definitely use it. However, do not forget that the mat itself does not "develop" in terms of the child's development. It is important to remember that the child first needs to communicate with other family members.

The first toys

Need gadgets for babies?

A child does not need electronic toys, educational applications on smartphones and tablets until the first year of life. They distract him from communication, which is very important at an early age. Many studies show that electronic toys lead to a decrease in parent-child contact and physical activity.

Age of the child and suitable toys for him

1-3 months

Rattles, bells, "phones"

3-6 months

Big cubes , chew rings, soft balls, books with big pictures, bath toys.

7-9 months

Musical toys, soft toys, books, bath toys , blocks.

10-12 months

Pyramids, cubes, sorting toys, wind-up toys, toy cars, matryoshka dolls, baby puzzles , rolling toys.