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Goki wooden toys

Toy and gift brands Heimess ( wooden toys made in Germany), Goki , Holztiger and Anker stone sets are well known. The Goki toy company was founded by two people 32 years ago, the brand HEIMESS has existed for over 50 years and ANKER Steinbaukasten GmbH in Rudolstadt for 130 years.

As a toy manufacturer, Goki is involved in product development, toy manufacturing and the creation of innovative toy products.

Over 2,000 different toy products make up one of the most diverse product lines the toy industry has to offer!

Every Gollnest & Kiesels toy always meets their company's high quality standards.

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To make sure that the world always remains a colorful and livable place, Gollnest & Kiesel takes responsibility for sustainability. Wood is a naturally renewable raw material. Goki only sources the wood used for its toys from places where it can grow back.

Every year, Goki gives a tree to every newborn baby in northern Germany. 25,000 trees for Schleswig-Holstein's new public forest land! This means that the forests remain the common property of the state of Schleswig-Holstein.

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Goki wooden toys follow strict quality standards. Using a variety of wood; maple, beech, walnut, linden, ash, pine, birch and Indian gum are processed into valuable wooden toys.

Goki is committed to ensuring a safe working environment and fair wages for all employees in all their manufacturing countries .

More than 400,000 trees have been planted in new forests since 2004 (10,000 trees were planted in Struvenhütten in October 2019).

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The wood comes from sustainable European forests

  1. by the end of the year, they aim to eliminate the use of four plastics; PVC, PU, ​​ABS and PS, replacing them with environmentally friendly options

Gollinest & Kiesel has built schools in developing countries such as Mali, Peru and Uganda. Children from these developing countries would have worked in the mines before, but now they have the opportunity to get an education. They do not condone the use of child labor and are proud that all of their toys are designed for children to enjoy, none of which are made by children.

GoK's factory in China has western standards for occupational health and safety, and workers are paid much more than average .

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The paints and varnishes that Goki uses in its wooden toys come from small but highly specialized vendors that are carefully selected so that nothing goes wrong during the production of the toys . Toy quality management is integrated into every process of product invention and production.

Goki also commissions external, independent institutes to monitor quality standards. Every Goki toy always meets the company's high quality standards.

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 Made from natural resources, wooden toys are designed to be passed down from generation to generation, meaning they last longer and can be enjoyed by babies and children.

 Toys should be fun and safe. To ensure that all toys meet the highest safety standards, they are constantly tested both in the company's quality control laboratory and at third-party testing facilities.

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We like natural colors because they do not use dyes to color the wood, but a thermal process. This gives a fantastic contrast between light and dark wood.