Developing toy Gabin Lapin House EBULOBO

ACTIVITY HOUSE, like a small suitcase that can be carried everywhere with a large handle. The door opens with a small velcro, a window on the other side and finally a wall opens on the other side to reveal GABINI's vegetable garden.

Dimensions: 17 x 14 x 17 cm
From 9 months

DEVELOP IMAGINATION, the house offers your child a universe to tell, full of stories, life with friends, vegetables from the vegetable garden to pick...

A NUMBER OF MANIPULATIONS that help the baby develop coordination and precision of movements. Also, all the details are printed on the different walls of the house, which are all details to comment on.

LONG LIVE VEGETABLES. In the vegetable garden, baby discovers the vegetables he eats!

STORY Gabin tells a story about a rabbit who is laughed at by everyone because of his big ears. But in this house they are all friends. The story is told in a book hanging on the house.