VIGA Logic game with wooden beads


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Maths is easy and fun to learn with a toy that encourages creativity while improving a child's hand-eye coordination.

Each player has 10 templates at their disposal - these are stencils decorated with various geometric patterns. Children have to find beads in the box that match the template in both shape and color. The beads are placed on the round sticks or string provided with the game in the order shown on the template. In addition, you can create your own game rules. For example, you can set time limits or choose a winner based on who can fill the most sticks according to the template. Applying different game rules makes playing with geometric beads even more fun and provides additional challenges for children.

The bead puzzle is an invaluable learning tool because it helps you learn new skills in an exciting way.

This educational toy supports the development of several skills, including improving manual dexterity and matching shapes and colors.

The puzzle game with beads is packed in an aesthetic and durable wooden box, which makes it easy to store and is ideal as a gift.

The toy is intended for children over 3 years old.

Package size:

Length: 338 mm, height: 40 mm, width: 332 mm