VIGA PolarB Wooden calendar and clock


 The VIGA PolarB wooden calendar and clock is a great combination of fun and learning. The toy will help your child learn how to use a clock and sense time. Thanks to colorful pictures and figurines, we can teach our children the names of days of the week, months and seasons in English. It's the perfect combination of fun with useful learning. The entire series of POLAR BEAR toys was created by VIGA to meet the expectations of parents and children in improving the development process through play.

- a wooden toy with a clock and markings: days of the week, months, seasons and weather

- thanks to the added animals, the child can set any date,

- thanks to the hands of the clock, we can set any time and teach the child to distinguish the times not only in a twelve-hour cycle, but also in a 24-hour cycle and with a real number of minutes

- all names are in English, thanks to which the child learns a foreign language from the very beginning

- VIGA created a whole series of PolarB toys to meet the expectations of parents and children in improving the developmental process through play

- the toy is made of lacquered wood and painted in pastel shades with non-toxic paints that satisfy every user

The toy develops:

- hand-eye coordination

- manual skills

- imagination

- creativity

- logical thinking

Eco-toys are aimed at the smallest children, made from all-natural, biodegradable and hypoallergenic materials, making them 100% safe and harmless not only to the environment, but also to your children.

Viga is a brand that started in 2003, but is already represented in more than 60 countries around the world. Their innovative ideas were recognized in Europe, USA, Australia and Japan among others. The founders of the company drew attention to the results of studies that show the connection between play and learning in the early years of children's development. To help parents and educational institutions in raising children and save them from the virtual world, which can greatly distort reality, the manufacturer offers an innovative line made of natural materials obtained during ecological production processes. The safety and quality of wooden products is a priority for Viga, the manufacturer made sure that the colors used in coloring the toys met EN71 and ASTM safety standards.

From the age of 3