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Petit Collage

Petit Collage Toys | Fairy Kitten Toy Shop

Petit Collage is a unique toy and accessory manufacturer from San Francisco. All their products are environmentally friendly, dyed with vegetable dyes, made from recycled materials, packed without plastic packaging and meet and exceed all safety standards. There are many different types of puzzles: baby puzzles for beginners, mini puzzles (suitable as a small gift for any occasion), floor puzzles.

Kids will love the Petite Collage Sticker Packs. They are bright, colorful and beautifully designed. All stickers are designed for multiple use, so the fun will last for many times.


Yookidoo Toys | Fairy Kitten Toy Shop

The products of the Israeli company Yookidoo cannot simply be called children's toys; rather, they are the best example of an innovative learning process that contributes to a child's natural development.

Yookidoo produces a variety of educational games designed for children from their first months of life. These toys are distinguished not only by their stylish design, but also by their ability to develop the child. Yookidoo toys encourage natural curiosity: the child explores colors, shapes, develops light perception, hones fine motor skills, hearing skills, memory, attention span, creativity and logical thinking.

Funny musical rattles and interactive water toys are designed based on cartoon style. Yookidoo pays great attention to product safety, because their products are also intended for the smallest children. The toys are made of the highest quality non-toxic materials.


DJECO toys | Fairy Kitten Toy Shop

Djeco toys are aimed at the comprehensive development of the child. Playsets stimulate the intellect: logical thinking, memory and attention.

Djeco's educational toys introduce the baby to its senses: the child learns about colors and shapes, learns to recognize objects by touching, developing fine motor skills and speech.

Board and card games develop logical thinking and help to spend time with the family. Team games introduce the child to the rules and the need to follow them.

Djeco creative sets are suitable for children aged 3 to 15 years. The product range also includes coloring sets with watercolors, gouache, pencil sets, felt-tip pens, stencils, stamps and much more.

3 Sprouts

3 Sprouts Toys | Fairy Kitten Toy Shop

The founders of the company are three friends who are united by their love for children and modern design. Gaining design experience in New York and Toronto, they decided to create a product collection for both children and adults. Since 2007, the company's products have conquered the whole world. 3 Sprouts products fit perfectly into your life, making it more beautiful. 3 Sprouts products are magical, with a beautiful design that lifts the mood and offers comfort.

App Kids

Apli Kids toys | Fairy Kitten Toy Shop

Apli Kids has been working with schools and teachers for years, designing and creating safe products that support children's education. Choose from more than 1,000 products, including stickers, craft and educational toys, and a wide range of classroom materials.


Ragtales Toys | Fairy Kitten Toy Shop

Ragtales is a beautiful collection of British designed toys.
Each product is made from the finest specially selected fabrics, the softest velor, hand-woven fabrics, and all wrapped in striking, high-quality packaging. The Ragtales collection offers a wide range of baby toys from teddy bears to wooden toys, all with historical origins.


JaBaDaBaDo wooden toys

JaBaDaBaDo is driven by our love for children. Their philosophy is based on one concept: to design high-quality and fun products that support children's development, playfulness and imagination, bringing fun and happiness into their little magical world.

All products are developed in-house and manufactured from carefully selected and highest quality materials. A large part of the collection is made from natural materials such as wood and cotton. Materials that meet parents' demands for quality and make toys that will be played with and loved by the next generation.


VIGA wooden toys | Fairy Kitten Toy Shop

VIGA as a toy brand is committed to providing safe, natural, educational and fun activities for children. Their vision is to make VIGA one of the most loved toy brands in the world. VIGA Toy Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001. It is known as a professional toy company that can design, manufacture and market its own products. Innovative design, high quality, competitive price and good service are the reasons why Viga is one of the top toy manufacturers today. Vigas became a full-fledged wooden toy manufacturer when they registered to do so in 2003. Their toys are distributed in more than 60 countries around the world. Their toys are highly appreciated by teachers and have been favorite toys of children and parents for a long time.


goki wooden toys

Gollnest & Kiesel is an innovative European wooden toy manufacturer and the largest toy company in Northern Germany. The company was founded in 1981 by Gerhard Gollnest and Fritz-Rüdiger Kiesel.

Gollnest & Kiesel stands for the manufacture of high-quality toys. Making wooden toys follows a certain and ecologically beneficial recipe for our planet: trees are cut down - wood is processed - a new forest is planted, and so on. Gollnest & Kiesel only uses wood from sustainable European forestry and works to ensure that as many products as possible are recyclable.

We have set ourselves an ambitious and unique goal to eliminate the four plastics PVC, PU, ​​ABS and PS from all our toys by 2020 and replace them with environmentally friendly alternatives.

Toys should be fun and safe. To ensure the highest safety standards, Gok's quality control team constantly tests all products in a dedicated, purpose-built laboratory. In addition, Gok products are also regularly checked by external testing agencies with extensive tests.

Small Foot

Small Foot wooden toys | Fairy Kitten Toy Shop

Our wooden toys provide stimulation for all senses through versatile play ideas and combine the fun of play with a learning effect. Through the concept of toys developed by our designers, we offer unique entertainment for all age groups from one year old to seven year old.

Safety and sustainability are our priorities. To fulfill them, we also follow very closely the strict certification guidelines of our partners. When developing new toys, we also use pedagogical approaches to ensure children's development and learning during play.


PlanToys wooden toys | Fairy Kitten Toy Shop

For over 30 years, Plan Toys has created iconic educational toys that bring children closer to nature and inspire their imagination through play. Little hands love learning about Plan Toys toys. Our products are basically as eco-friendly and high-quality as possible. All products are made ethically in Thailand. We use rubber trees, from which it is no longer possible to make latex. We use non-formaldehyde glue that Plan Toys makes itself; organic pigments; and water-based dyes, and the entire product process is also carbon neutral. In addition to the fact that our wooden toys are FSC compliant, many products are made using Planwood wood - a brilliant eco-material made by compressing sawdust. For sawdust, we use scraps left over from the Plan Toys factory. This way we can be sure that nothing goes to waste. All toys are packaged in recycled packaging that is non-toxic and plastic-free, so the packages can go straight into your recycling bin.

Baby Banana

Baby Banana Fairy Kitten Toy Store

Is the baby teething? This toothbrush is your new best friend. Place the toothbrush in the freezer until it is cool enough to chew. The soft silicone bumps massage baby's swollen, irritated gums and provide relief.

Moulin Roty

Moulin Roty toys

Fairy Kitten Toy Shop is proud to present the Moulin Roty brand. This is a French company that has been creating a colorful and gentle world for babies for over 40 years. Their selection includes adorable plush characters, baby blankets and other toys.

The Moulin Roty brand began in 1972 in an old mill (moulin) near Paris. A group of about 20 friends were looking for a project that would provide work and a desirable lifestyle. They renovated the mill for their families and all lived together as one commune.

Even today, Moulin Roty attracts attention with its stylish baby toys, clothes and nursery decorations. All their products are created in France using French fabrics and patterns. Moulin Roty's charming collection of toys combines both traditional and ultra-modern elements.

Moulin Roty toys have the charm of traditional toys, inspired by history and love. All products are made of non-toxic and high-quality materials. All the wood used comes from forests that are managed ecologically, unlike cheap plastic toys that seriously damage the planet.

As Vivienne Westwood said: "Buy less, choose well!" Moulin Roty toys last and remain close to the heart for a lifetime. Fairy Kitten toy store is one of the selected Moulin Roty distributors, a wide selection is available in our online store https://fairykitten.ee/

Créa Lign'

Créa Lign' - craft kits for children

The guideline is to develop games and toys with different shapes, sizes and properties so that they are suitable for as many children as possible. Créa Lign designs each product with the sole purpose of stimulating imagination, creativity and learning through interesting and age-appropriate hands-on activities. Today, there are rich collections of creative games and ink pad sets to suit all developmental stages and creative desires of children.