Sticker set Match shapes and colors. WOOPIE ART&FUN


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Create your own pictures! It's fun to put geometric multi-colored stickers on animal pictures. The child learns to match suitable shapes and colors because, for example, one of the tasks is to complement the colors of the rainbow with suitable shapes and colors. Of course, with the other examples, the child is free to decide where to put which element - only the imagination is the limit! The set contains 504 elements, including a double-sided board with 12 different images and 4,503 sticker cards. The pictures show animals, objects and phenomena (with English names) from A to Z. Creating your own picture toy develops motor skills and stimulates creativity and imagination!

- toy from 3 years of age
- the game is about pasting elements on pictures
- Set includes 504 pcs - double-sided board and 503 stickers
- teaches animals, objects and phenomena (in English) from A to Z
- teaches shapes and colors
- stimulates creativity, imagination and develops manual skills