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Create your own pictures! The set includes a double-sided board for wrapping and 76 stickers. One side of the board is a fire truck and the other is an ice cream parlor. Elements such as car accessories such as a fire extinguisher, first aid kit or fireman's monkey can be attached to the car, as well as various desserts in ice cream parlors and much more. The child himself decides where to place the element - the only limit is imagination! The stickers are reusable, the sticker is easy to apply and remove from the board - no glue or scissors. Creating your own picture toy develops motor skills and stimulates creativity and imagination!

- toy from 3 years of age
- the game is about pasting elements on pictures
- the set includes a double-sided marking board and 76 stickers
- reusable stickers - no scissors or glue
- fire fighting and ice cream parlor themed toy
- stimulates creativity, imagination and develops manual skills

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