Wooden double-sided chalkboard PolarB VIGA

Recognized double-sided three-in-one drawing table with primer for children from 3 years of age, ideal for kindergarten and home.

An educational drawing board with an abacus is one of the leading toys that not only functions as a traditional board, but also allows the child to learn about numbers and basic mathematical operations. On one side is a chalkboard and on the other is an alphabet. A colorful board with an alphabet is pleasing to the eye and promotes educational fun. The little ones love to draw, and a board like this will certainly allow them to have creative fun.

- the whole thing is made of wood painted with non-toxic paints
- chalk is added to the blackboard
- The toy helps to perform various activities while developing motor skills in moving moving elements.

The toy develops:

- motor skills
- the ability to solve mathematical operations
- the ability to think logically
- manual skills
- hand-eye coordination