Wooden blocks Saucepan Classic World


The wooden colorful garden is a great toy that shines in its simplicity, because it allows the child to develop several very important skills. It is a puzzle that consists of a base of sticks, two colorful flowers that need to be put together on piles, and a watering can.

- A wooden pyramid represents a fun garden. This is a great puzzle for kids, which at the same time fulfills several functions that are very important for children around 10 months old.
- The toy has 11 elements: a base with stakes, two 7-element flowers and a watering can.
- The toy is very fun, and in addition, the child acquires the skill of logical thinking by stacking the blocks and helps to develop manual skills,
- The toy is made of lacquered wood and painted with non-toxic paints. It is safe for children.

The toy develops:

- perception,
- vision,
- concentration,
- manual skills,
- the ability to distinguish colors.