Wooden set Small doctor Classic World


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The kit contains everything your little doctor needs. Future doctors and nurses can listen to patients' heartbeats with a stethoscope, "measure" the temperature, "give" injections or administer the necessary drugs. Playing a doctor is not only one of the role-playing games, it is also about learning empathy and compassion, which is very important in social relationships. It supports the development of imagination and teaches to solve problems.

- Set includes: stethoscope, velcro with red cross, thermometer, syringe with movable plunger, screw-on tray, screw-on medicine pack, paper notebook for important notes for the doctor, x-rays, doctor's bag
- Made of natural wood.
- Amazing design
- Handmade
- Elegant packaging - ideal as a gift.

The toy develops:

- empathy,
- responsibility,
- cognitive abilities,
- imagination,
- creativity.