Wooden game Bee Race Classic World


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Arcade game Bee race stimulates the child's competitive spirit - let's play a racing game! Children decide according to the pattern of the cubes whether the bees move forward or backward and compare who reaches the end first. These types of games improve communication skills, develop courage and self-confidence in children!

- toy from 3 years of age
- the game is about competition and fun
- made of the highest quality natural wood
- designed in Paris
- in the set: table, 2x bees and 3x dice

The toy develops:

- communication skills
- courage and self-confidence


1. Each player chooses a bee and starts at 0. And the order of the dice roll depends on the game "rock, paper and scissors"

2. The player rolls three dice at a time. If three dice show the following combination, the bee takes a step forward:

- 3 cubes are of the same color

- 2 cubes are the same color + 1 sun

- 2 dice show sun + 1 color

3. If three dice show the following combination, the second bee moves back one step:

- 3 dice show the sun

4. The first bee to reach the top of the flower wins