Wooden motor center Classic World


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A wooden motor center is a great gift idea. It's great for toddlers 18 months and up as it has lots of features that are great for their development: motor intertwining, shape sorter, unicorn blocks and more. This toy allows toddlers to develop many skills that are vital for proper child development.

- Motor braider - the perfect toy that is the perfect exercise for little hand skills.
- Rotating maze with balls - the handle is encouraged to turn, the child trains hand-eye coordination and strength.
- Unicorn building blocks - logical thinking training.
- Labyrinth manipulation - thanks to this, the toddler practices the skill of logical thinking.
- Shape sorter – another logical thinking training, as well as dexterity training.
- The toy allows the child to develop in all aspects, which is why it is a great gift idea for a toddler.