Wooden pyramid Teddy bear Classic World


Wooden Pyramid Teddy Bear is a pyramid-shaped puzzle that every child should have. The object of the game is to bet the discs from the largest to the smallest. Beautiful processing, colors and the teddy bear placed at the top catch the eye of every child. Made of high-quality wood, environmentally friendly toy. The absence of sharp edges makes it 100% safe for children.

- The set includes discs, a bear head and a base,
- The game consists in the fact that the child arranges the discs from the smallest to the largest so that the teddy bear's head is up,
- wooden toy,
- Painted with non-toxic paints,
- 100% safe for children.


- motor skills,
- manual skills,
- hand-eye coordination,
- the ability to recognize colors,
- the ability to distinguish between the concepts of smaller and larger,
- the ability to think logically.