Wooden sensory blocks Tooky Toy


Wooden blocks attract every toddler to play. A child can arrange structures in many ways, thanks to which it stimulates imagination. High-quality wooden blocks, environmentally friendly. The absence of sharp edges and well-polished edges make it safe for children. Due to the multi-functionality of the blocks, the toy will not get bored quickly. The fun never ends.

- Blocks packed in a wooden box.
- a wooden toy.
- Non-toxic paints were used for painting.
- No sharp edges and well polished edges are an added advantage.
- The product is safe for children.


- teaches colors,
- teaches about shapes,
- the ability to build the first structures,
- develops knowledge of the principles of physics,
- develops creativity,
- awakens the imagination,
- develops motor coordination.

Tooky Toy is a company producing wooden toys for children, which has been on the market since 2004. A decade of experience in the field is a guarantee of quality products made with children's safety in mind. Tooky Toy toys have numerous certificates confirming the safety of their ecological products. Well smoothed, free of splinters and sharp edges, the toys are covered only with safe, non-toxic paints, dyes and varnishes. All this makes Tooky Toy toys loved by children and appreciated by parents all over the world.