Wooden sorting box Cow Tooky Toy


The wooden sorting box is a great toy that takes care of the child's development on many levels. The toy encourages children to play together. The cow has a movable head and tail and 8 holes for blocks. The wooden sorting box Cow is a toy, thanks to which the child practices the ability to adapt shapes and the precision of his hands. All are made of durable wood and painted with non-toxic paints.

- There are 8 blocks in the set.
- a wooden toy.
- Non-toxic paints were used for painting.
- No sharp edges and well-smoothed edges make the toy safe for the child.
- The cow has movable elements such as head and tail.
- Made of the highest quality materials


- develops motor coordination
- teaches shapes and colors
- develops hand-eye coordination
- promotes physical activity
- teaches children to think logically