Wooden balance game and stringing game PolarB VIGA


The wooden balance game and stringing game PolarB is an educational toy for children from 18 months of age. Its purpose is the motor development of our children. Colorful elements in the shape of animals catch the eye of every little one. The set is 100% safe for the environment and children. Supports the ability to think logically and distinguish between animals. The elements are adapted to the child's small hands. No sharp edges mean our child can play safely. The toddler's task is to weigh the animals and other elements. It is not easy when the cradle is constantly balanced. The toy ensures a fantastic experience.

- The set includes 10 blocks, 1 base and 5 instructions
- Made of wood.
- Painted with non-toxic paints.
- 100% safe for children.
- Accurate work.
- Perfect for multiplayer and solo fun.

The toy develops:

- dexterity,
- the ability to think logically,
- motor skills,
- the ability to distinguish between animals,
- creativity,
- concentration,
- coordination.