Crank Toy Duck Run WOOPIE


The duck run is a toy that encourages little ones to take a bath and makes their time enjoyable. The toy has many ways to play. The faucet mechanism pumps water from the bathtub, which later starts to flow out of the fountain. A toddler can place one of the four ducklings on the top - each one pours water in a different way, creating amazing water shows. In addition, the child can also organize a duckling race. Just place the birds on the blue field, press the button and the ducklings will start chasing each other over and over again. Everything is accompanied by wonderful sound effects - melodies and duck sounds. Melodies can be activated with a button and sounds with a pump. The music can be turned off at any time.

- toy from 6 months of age
- each duck at the top spouts water differently
- ducklings can chase each other over and over again
- sound effects - duck melodies and sounds
- intense colors attract the child's attention
- easy to use
- there are suction pads at the bottom
- there is a handle for the handset
- Requirements: 4 x AA batteries (not included)

The toy develops:

- imagination and creativity
- cause and effect relationship