VIGA magnetic game - Tangram


Puzzles have a positive effect on a child's development, and what is more important - there is no age limit for solving puzzles. You need to properly choose the level of difficulty and the number of parts according to the age and skills of the child. It's a good idea to start with a two- or three-piece puzzle so that your little one doesn't get frustrated with failure. The older the child is, the higher the demands on him to maintain cognitive and educational value.

You can try to put the puzzles together in several ways - according to your creativity or according to the attached cards with puzzles of different levels of difficulty. The magnetic tangram is perfect for school, kindergarten, home and therapeutic classes. The magnetic value allows the whole family to have many hours of fun.

 The set consists of 35 pieces and 20 cards (double-sided).

Solving puzzles trains memory, develops manual skills, strengthens children's self-esteem and stimulates them to explore the world.

Product dimensions: width 260 mm x height 50 mm x width 180 mm