VIGA Wooden kaleidoscope camera


 The wooden camera from the PolarB series of the well-known Viga brand is the perfect toy for young children who are starting to explore the world. Just hand it to your toddler and get ready to say "pea soup!" The toy not only functions as a camera, but also as a kaleidoscope. Thanks to the beautiful pastel colors, the toy attracts the child's attention every time. The entire series of POLAR BEAR toys has been created by VIGA to meet the expectations of parents and children in improving their developmental process through play.

The toy is made of high-quality wood, which ensures its durability. The materials and colors used to make the toy are ecological and completely safe.

- a wooden camera with a handle allows the child to take pictures of his dolls and stuffed animals

- the kaleidoscope function shows your child a whole new world, new shapes

- painted with non-toxic and child-safe paints,

The toy develops:

- hand-eye coordination,

- manual skills,

- imagination,

- creativity.

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