VIGA wooden shape and color matching pulses


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The shape and color matching puzzle is the perfect product for the little ones. The set consists of colored blocks of different shapes, a bag for storing the blocks, cards and a board for assembling the blocks. The toy teaches, develops and entertains at the same time. The blocks are painted with non-toxic colors in soft colors that attract the child's attention. The product is made of high-quality materials and with great attention to detail. The puzzle belongs to the popular PolarB series.

- the set consists of blocks (of different shapes and colors), a board, cards and a bag to store the blocks

- the child's task is to match the colors and shapes of the blocks with the holes on the board (by turning the upper part of the board, the color of the patterns on the board can be changed)

The toy develops:

- imagination,

- creativity,

- communication,

- hand-eye coordination,

- logical thinking.

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