VIGA Wooden shape sorter thread bell


The elephant clock is a toy that combines learning with pleasure. A child can easily take the first steps in learning to read the hours of a classic clock and at the same time push colorful blocks on a string

- the clock-shaped toy has 2 movable pointers, 12 geometric blocks and a string

- the child's task is to match the block to the correct shape

- in addition, the child learns to count up to 12 - the blocks must be arranged in ascending order

- there is a corresponding number of dots in the cutouts of the clock - the child's task is to place a block with the corresponding number there

- each block has a hole so that they can be threaded onto the string

- all made of beech wood and painted in soft tones with non-toxic paints

The toy develops:

- ability to concentrate,

- hand-eye coordination,

- motor skills

- dexterity,

- cognitive abilities in the field of understanding numbers, shapes, time

From the 18th of the month