VIGA wooden mixer PolarB


The VIGA mixer is a dream playset for a little chef. Children want to imitate their parents - that's why they want to prepare treats for the whole family just like their mother, aunt or grandmother.

Cooking together is a great way to learn through play. Every kitchen has a stand mixer to help you create your favorite cakes, pies and other sweets.

Make home baked goods with your child! Place the bowl on the stand of the mixer, press the paddles down and the mixer is ready to go. Pour the flour into the bowl, add the eggs and other ingredients to make the dough, then turn the bear head knob to start the mixer. Turn the knob above the bowl to move the mixer blades.

The set includes:

  • Mixer
  • Bowl
  • Flour
  • An egg

This toy is recommended for ages 3 and up.

Product dimensions: 168 x 160 x 95 mm