VIGA Wooden mixer


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Even though I have tiny hands and I don't know much yet, I help mommy and let her rest.

Everyone likes to cook at home. Children often take part in cooking. Unfortunately, they can't always help us with electrical equipment. This is where the VIGA kitchen mixer made of high-quality wood and health-safe colors is perfect. Our little chef will definitely be happy to bake his favorite cookies with mom. Simply pour the ingredients into the bowl and with each turn of the knob, the mixer starts working. By playing, the child practices hand motility, develops manual skills and group work skills. In addition, it offers the opportunity to spend time together with the child, which is never too much!

 The set includes:

 A wooden kitchen mixer with an upward tilting handle, which makes it easy to set up and take down the bowl.

The handle is comfortable to hold.

The kitchen mixer has a button on the side. Turning the knob makes a sound.

The mixer rotates, but it can also be raised and lowered.

Plastic bowl

The kitchen mixer is made of red and white wood.

The toy is intended for small children from 3 years of age.

Product dimensions:

L: 195mm x H: 210mm x W: 110mm