Weaning spoons Nana's Manners

Designed for children discovering new tastes, dishes and textures for the first time.

The long, easy-to-grip handle makes it easy to pick up and serve food. A soft and safe spoon designed to put the right amount of food into a small child's mouth. Anti-slip finish ensures greater ease of use.

Thanks to their special design, they allow the baby to collect food independently. The spoon bowl is reinforced on the inside so that the baby rests its lips on the hard part. However, if a toddler moves their mouth away before the spoon goes into their mouth, they will come in contact with the silicone – which is very important for children with swollen gums.

- a long and comfortable handle makes it easy to collect food
- safe construction
- non-slip tabs
- the lower part of the spoon is covered with medical silicone intended for contact with food
- light weight thanks to the outer layer made of new generation plastic structure
- all the components that make up the spoons have passed international tests by independent institutes such as Intertek and have certificates confirming non-toxicity, indifference to food and safe use.


Designed in the UK by a teacher.

- Mother & Baby Awards 2022 Silver - best products
- Winner of the Progressive Preschool Awards 2021
- In 2020, Nana's Manners won the Junior Design Awards and Mother & Baby Awards
- Made for Mums Awards 2019 first place and gold
... and much more, always from 2016!

Made of the highest quality medical grade silicone and new generation plastic approved for contact with food.

Warnings: Use under adult supervision, discard the product if damaged. Always check the temperature of the food before serving it to your child. Wash the product before using it for the first time. Do not boil, do not sterilize. Do not stay in the sun for a long time. Do not put it in the microwave and oven, do not freeze. Keep your child safe, don't let him run around with a spoon in his mouth.

silicone, plastic