Small Foot Wooden Tool Box "Miniwob"


Attention all mini-crafters! With this wooden toolbox, in classic workshop colors, children can become professionals by role-playing. Realistic accessories and tools, such as a carpenter's angle, a saw's pass or a handy toy electric drill with interchangeable bits with the help of a magnet, promoting fun playtime and motivation for new building projects! Flexible rubber bands inside the toolbox keep tools in place while on the go. The visible wooden material of the toy fits well with the look of the workshop, and the almost unnoticeable illustration of hardworking "miniwobs" inspires children's imagination. Accessories and tools include 1 hammer, 1 wrench, 1 screwdriver, 1 pliers, 1 spirit level, 11 screws, 11 bolts, 1 cordless electric screwdriver, 3 screwdriver bits, 4 large hole punch trays, 4 medium size hole punch trays, 4 small hole punch trays. The clip hook allows everything to be stored safely and the wooden handle allows the tool box to be ready for the next job. It fits well with the theme of the workshop thanks to the intense but subtle color scheme.

Recommended minimum age