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Fairy Kitten toy store was born out of a passion for classic wooden toys that we remembered from our childhood. We believe that in today's electronic age, there is still room for timeless toys that will reward imaginative children with endless hours of play.

We have seen first-hand young children playing with various toys and we have noticed that children love classic wooden toys as much as we did in our time. Children love toys that can be touched, shaken, and make sounds, and most importantly, they love toys that allow them to immerse themselves in their developing imaginations.

Wooden toys | Fairy Kitten Toy Shop

Wooden toys offer something tangible in our increasingly virtual world, and while we appreciate the new opportunities that science and technology bring us, we want to celebrate modern and classic wooden toys that bring joy, fun, education and learning to every household, school or playground.

When choosing goods for the site , we were pleased to note that the selection of wooden toys available to today's children is better than ever before. Next to traditional wooden toys and games , we had the pleasure of discovering great puzzles , educational toys , role play toys and wonderful play foods .

Wooden play food and play kitchens | Fairy Kitten Toy Shop

We believe that we have the most extensive selection in an online store dedicated to wooden toys , and we hope that you enjoy browsing our toys as much as we enjoyed choosing them.

All our toys are of high quality. We have selected toys from top manufacturers that are thoughtfully designed and well made, using environmentally friendly materials where possible. Our toys are strong and durable and can withstand being dropped and thrown by our little angels!
We have a passionate and dedicated team working at Fairy Kitten Toy Store. We bring business experience to our company and loads of helpful enthusiasm. We believe in our products and we believe that you and your children will have plenty of choice when shopping on our site . Our goal is to continue to add toys and games to our selection and to ensure that our website continues to be user-friendly and provide an enjoyable online shopping experience.

We want all of our customers to trust our site with a positive shopping experience. We take extra care to ensure a safe shopping experience with us. If you want to buy a gift for a baby, toddler or young child, we would like you to contact us. It is extremely important for us that our customer service is at the highest level. Please share your opinion about Fairy Kitten Toy Store with us. We want to hear your comments and know how we can improve ourselves, and we want you to tell us which toys we should offer if you notice that something is missing from the selection!