VIGA Wooden pet hospital


Does your child love animals? Would you like a dog/cat? Playing vet is fun and also teaches empathy and emotional sensitivity. Playing the role of a veterinarian helps teach pet care and responsibility. With a versatile set, you can care for and treat your pet.

The game helps your child develop self-confidence and a sense of responsibility, and he learns to be kind to animals.

The pet hospital supports children's development through role play and develops their social skills. In addition, it develops fine motor skills, which is a very important part of a child's development.

A child can play the role of both a vet and a nurse. Do you and your kitty need a check-up and a shot...or maybe just a regular health check?

The animal clinic set consists of 19 parts. The set can also be used with teddy bears and other stuffed animals.

The set includes:

- figures of a dog and a cat

- figures of a vet and a nurse

 - degree glass

- bed

- procedure table

 - x-rays with a stand

 - stethoscope

 - pet food

 - medications

 - cannula with tripod.

 The whole set is inside the house - the vet's office, where all the items included in the set fit. The interior of the doctor's office has brightly colored walls with pictures of animals, a clock and other necessary equipment - just like a real doctor's office. The suitcase with handles makes transport and storage easy - the toy can be taken anywhere.

The whole product is made of beech wood and painted with non-toxic soft colors that attract the eye and invite to play, while providing a lot of fun.

Children's safety and the highest quality of toys are our priority, which is why we make sure that the colors used to paint the toys are non-toxic and meet safety standards (EN 71 and ASTM).

The toy is intended for small children over 3 years old.

Package dimensions:

L: 240mm x W: 13mm x H: 175mm