Soft book for baby GABIN LAPIN EBULOBO

A large 8-page book with early learning activities on each page, hiding ... bells; rustling paper. he narrates the adventures of GABIN LAPIN.

This large paperback is about the adventures of GABIN Lapin.
On pages 2 and 3, we discover the Rabbit, who is a bit sad and is laughed at by everyone because of his big ears.
He would like it to stop. You can open GABIN's closet to find his things, there is even a little bird trying on GABIN's things!!
On the next page, GABIN's big ears are raised.
The whole thing makes rustling paper noises.

A HERO'S STORY, One day while walking, he heard a bird in the distance that was stuck in a tree and called for help! GABIN quickly goes to the farm to find friends In this double page, baby can discover a vegetable garden full of vegetables, as well as pick up leaves that make them squeal and discover a squirrel.

THE STORY OF THE RESCUE, all the farm friends are there with the big ladder. It's a dog walking up and down with a rescued bird!

PARTY, Page 6 all friends gather to celebrate salvation. There is a bell hidden on the page.
On the next page, all the friends go to sleep in their own little beds, each with their own comforter.
machine washable at 30°

20 x 20 cm

Net weight
200 gr