Wooden scale Classic World

The wooden scale is the perfect toy for children who are curious about the world. The balance beam is a great toy that teaches through play. The child develops his perception of the world and observes the power differences of different objects. In addition, it develops his logical thinking because he associates the size of an object with a greater weight. A simple educational toy made of natural wood that offers many benefits to your child!

- toy from 3 years of age
- teaches through the game
- develops global awareness
- enables the child to notice differences in the weight of objects
- the child associates the size of the object with a greater weight
- an educational toy made of natural wood
The toy develops:

- manual skills
- awareness
- the ability to think logically - distinguish between the concepts of smaller and larger
Eco-toys are aimed at the smallest children, made of completely natural, biodegradable and hypoallergenic materials, thanks to which they are 100% safe and harmless not only to the environment, but also to your child.