Wooden game City Classic World


The wooden game develops your child's mind. The toy has 2 sides: one teaches you how to sort garbage, and the other one teaches you to take the items to the appropriate city facility. The set includes 5 double-sided cards that show how to fit the given element into the sorter or facility. The child can also match the appropriate element with the color of the block, and precisely because he has to move it once to the right place on the way, he plays, and secondly, he remembers and learns. The toy develops the child's manual skills, logical thinking and increases awareness of the surrounding world.

- toy from 3 years of age
- 2in1 - two sides: sorting garbage, matching things to the district
- the set includes 5 double-sided cards that show how the given element should fit
- you can add variety to the fun of memorizing and matching
- teaches through the game
- natural wood

The toy develops:

- logical thinking
- manual skills
- awareness of the surrounding world