Wooden toy coffee machine Classic World

A wooden coffee machine is the perfect addition to the kitchen. There are 7 elements in the set. If your child likes to help in the kitchen and is fascinated by the world of kitchen technology, he will love this toy. The machine has movable elements such as the right-hand handle for pouring coffee and the right-hand button (timer), which also makes a sound - similar to scrolling. Thanks to the function, the coffee machine is very realistic and the child can imagine and play the role of an adult making coffee. The wooden espresso machine is a product made of natural wood, which is characterized by high aesthetics, durability and care for the child's safety.

- toy from 18 months of age
- the set consists of 7 pcs.
- moving parts
- sound functions
- role play
- no sharp edges
- natural wood

The set includes:

- Coffee machine
- 2 cups
- 2 teaspoons
- milk
- a coffee spoon

The toy develops:

- manual skills
- creativity and imagination