Tooky Toy wooden sorter in the shape of Noah's Ark

It's time to board Noah's Ark! Here is a great set from the famous Tooky Toy company! This wooden Noah's ark shaped like a shape sorter encourages children to play and work together to fit the matching shape into the hole. The ship was divided into two floors. At the top, Noah lives with his wife, and at the bottom - animals such as a giraffe, crocodile, lion, hippopotamus, zebra and elephant. What's more, it has as many as 5 holes! Three in the shape of animals and two in the shape of windows. The baby's task is to match the appropriate animals to the figures, which requires logical thinking and coordination skills from the baby. The toy also comes with a beautifully illustrated story of Noah's Ark so your little one can learn the story. Do you already have everything? We can go!

- from 24 months
- Noah's Ark acts as a sorter,
- Ability to play only with blocks,
- 19 elements,
- wooden elements,
- Painted with non-toxic paints,
- The product is safe for children.

The toy develops:

- Logical thinking
- Manual skills
- Visual coordination