Wooden puzzle Vehicles VIGA PolarB


Viga wooden puzzle is an ideal solution for home and kindergarten. It consists of a board and 5 thematic elements. The wooden base has recesses that correspond to the shape of the colored puzzles. The whole thing is made of wood, painted with child-proof paints in bright colors.

- 5 needle puzzle
- The set includes: a board with recesses (animals are drawn below) and 5 different vehicle elements with grabable thumbs
- When all the pieces are placed in the right places, we get the whole picture
- The toy has no sharp edges and is made of the highest quality materials that are safe for children and the environment
- Painted with non-toxic paints

The toy develops:

- shape detection,
- hand-eye coordination,
- manual skills,
- cognitive abilities,
- the ability to think logically.