Wooden sensory Montessori blocks Classic World


A fantastic sensory toy with CLASSIC WORLD embedded in it is a classic set of wooden elements with holes through which the child threads a string. Thanks to this, the toddler can develop his motor skills - dexterity and precision of movements. At the same time, it's great fun that requires focus and concentration, two qualities that children take years to develop, so it's worth encouraging them. In addition, colored blocks of different shapes also allow learning geometric shapes. The set includes puzzle patterns for the child to thread the blocks into. It is an ideal toy for learning responsibility - the child is aware of guarding and locking the house from an early age.

- toy from 18 months of age
- sensory toy - it consists in matching the key and opening the door
- the set consists of a string with a key, 11 blocks representing different shapes and a wooden house
- blocks are made of lacquered wood, painted with non-toxic paints. They are safe for children
- all the beads are made of wood, so it is an ecological toy - by buying it, you do not support the generation of plastic waste

The toy develops:

- motor skills - fine motor skills
- focus
- patience
- hand-eye coordination
- accuracy
- liability
Eco-toys are aimed at the smallest children, made of completely natural, biodegradable and hypoallergenic materials, thanks to which they are 100% safe and harmless not only to the environment, but also to your children.