Small Foot motor development wooden cube "Rabbit"


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Wooden cube that develops motor skills "Rabbit"

A rabbit-shaped bead maze, five playable sides, shape sorting, a sliding maze, gears and a xylophone - this cube that develops motor skills offers a versatile discovery joy. The best part: you can screw a carrot on the side, which is a sorting and building game at the same time. Remove the latched lid and place it upside down inside the cube, and the toy turns into a sturdy highchair! When playing with this cube, toddlers will have cute baby animals as companions, with whom they can experience exciting adventures on the farm. This stimulates their curiosity and natural urge to explore. This unique motor development toy is striking and made of wood. It will become a new favorite in the children's room!

23 x 23 x 34 cm

12 months +