Small Foot wooden math puzzle and learning game


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Who can calculate the fastest? The goal of this wooden math game is to solve ten math problems by adding and subtracting within ten, until the hourglass runs out. To do this, the equation cards must be placed on the correct solution tiles. It's a pedagogically valuable math learning game that also includes a fun and activity factor! With 110 different math problems and a self-test function, it's perfect for preschoolers and elementary school kids. The raised part of the solution tiles fits perfectly into the holes of the game tiles so that they can be fixed together. This game can also be played by several people at the same time, and at the end it is possible to compare players and see who solved the most tasks. Beginner learners can also play without the hourglass, perfect for preschoolers and elementary school children who are just starting to learn addition and subtraction. For easy self-checking, the backs of the cards are color-coded with the corresponding solution. All number plates and playing cards are safely housed in a wooden sliding lid box for easy portability on the go.

from 6 years of age (6+)