Small Foot Wooden Ring Toss Game "Active"


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An exquisitely produced toss game for the whole family
9 games with posts and 5 throwing rings
The throwing rings are woven and are extra easy to grip
Game points can be interpreted even without knowing the numbers (ideal for younger children)
Quick assembly
Ideal for practice shooting
Lots of exposed wood
With a modern design, it matches well with other games in the "Active" product group
Who will prove marksmanship? Made from FSC® 100% certified wood, the objective of this hoop toss game is to place braided hoops on sticks of nine different colors, which can be scored even without numerical knowledge. Perfect for younger players who haven't learned numbers yet! The game is very easy to assemble and disassemble, and can easily be stored in a carrying case even on the go! A good game that ensures long-lasting fun, trains hand-eye coordination and dexterity in a playful way, where practice makes perfect!
Recommended minimum age