VIGA Wooden coffee machine


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When I grow up, I will be like my mother and father ... In the morning, instead of milk, there is coffee ... so real, from a coffee machine.

Imitation games and role-playing games are still the most popular children's games.

For us, a moment with coffee is relaxing ... for the children next door, coffee is a drink they associate with adulthood. Now children can also make coffee for mom and dad and play it together. The coffee machine can also be used for playing in a cafe or meeting friends from kindergarten.

The kit was made with attention to detail in red and white.

The set includes:

A coffee machine with a button in the shape of a beautiful bear's head that selects the type of coffee drink. The knob clicks happily as you turn it. The time is printed above the button.

A plastic cup to pour real drinks into after washing, a coffee capsule to make it even more real fun.

The child can make coffee for the guests together with the mother - like a real coffee machine, he can put the capsules in earlier. The white element moves up and down. There is also a button on top of the coffee machine to start the brewing process. Everything is built to resemble a real coffee machine in its working principles.

We also recommend a mixer from the same kit line.

Age: 3+

Coffee machine dimensions: 200 x 180 x 110 mm