VIGA Wooden toy toaster


The VIGA toaster enriches the kitchen of a young cook.

Children learn everything by watching how mom and dad use a spoon, knife... They are happy to help in the kitchen when preparing food. But they cannot always help, as it is dangerous for small hands.

Let the little chef prepare toast with your favorite jam for breakfast or dinner. Carefully made of wood, the toaster awakens the child's creativity and trains hand motor skills.

The toy works like a real toaster - put the slices in, set the strength and wait until they are ready ... the clock tells you when you can have breakfast.

Recreating the situations known to the child, which he knows based on everyday observations, positively affects his overall development, supports social skills, playing with peers and solving problems.

Contact with wooden toys brings a lot of joy and develops the child's sense of aesthetics.

Age 3+

Dimensions 200 x 125 x 100 mm