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How to choose developmental toys for a child?

Let's discuss together which toys will best develop your child. Developmental toys must always be of high quality and appropriate for the child's age.

If the child is younger than one year , then developmental toys should help him get to know his body. Therefore, all toys should be aimed at developing motor skills and attention. Best suited musical toys for cribs, rattles, brightly colored chew rings. If the child is able to sit, you can give him a selection of toys - plastic dolls, felt developmental toys, squeaky toys, massage balls. Books with large pictures and musical toys are also very important at this age. Also remember that the child begins to actively show his individuality around the first year of life. He already understands what he wants and what is unpleasant for him.


Wooden developmental toys are very good for children from the first year of life. Looking at our selection of wooden developmental toys , you're sure to find something you like.

Wooden toys

Children like to play with household items and imitate adults. Your child may start "reading" like dad, "teaching" like sister and "cooking" like mom. Therefore, interactive toys are very useful in such a situation.

Developmental toys for children from the age of two should help the child to draw logical conclusions. Developmental toys for boys of this age: toy cars, toy garages, blocks. Developmental toys for girls of this age must teach how to "cook", take care of dolls, build houses for them.

Attention must also be paid to the development of creativity: drawing on paper with finger paints, felt-tip pens, special boards.

Toys for toddlers

Developmental toys for children aged three and over should take into account both the child's level of development and his preferences. Some children at this age enjoy drawing with pencils, felt-tip pens and paints. Currently, many children also like to play with plasticine and kinetic sand. Other children like puzzles and picture books.

The game process develops rapidly between the ages of four and five. It is important to learn to think logically, build relationships, follow rules, behave well, adapt to changes and find solutions to various problems. Games are a great help in this process, because with them the child imitates the "adult" reality, while also enjoying the game.

Educational toys

Be attentive to your child so that you can choose the best toys for him. It's quite easy to choose and buy developmental toys from the Fairy Kitten online store !