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Developmental games: 10 wooden toys that develop children's fine motor skills.

As a mother of two toddlers, I understand the struggle of trying to hold on to our little ones while promoting their development. And let's face it, it's not always easy. That's why I've turned to wooden toys and let me tell you, they've been a game changer!
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Wooden puzzle is the best developing game for children

Should you choose an 18-piece puzzle? Or is it better with 26 pieces? But what should be in its picture? As with any purchase, choosing the perfect puzzle can be difficult. You know that when choosing a toy, your child may not like the educational toy.

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Wooden alternatives to popular plastic toys

Which do you prefer: On one side are the battery-powered, landfill-filling, easily-breakable plastic toys you see everywhere on TV and in hypermarkets. On the other side are timeless, eco-friendly, durable quality, educational AND fun wooden toys.

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5 Montessori inspired first birthday gift ideas

First birthdays are magical and unforgettable. Our wooden toys for one-year-olds are Montessori-inspired toys that they will never forget. At Fairy Kitten Toy Shop, we offer delightful toys of lasting quality that both children and their parents will love.
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Goki wooden toys

"We paint the world" is one of the most important wooden toy manufacturers in Europe and the largest toy manufacturer in Northern Germany.
Goki is a brand name for quality wooden toys at a fair price, ensuring great toys at an affordable price.
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What is a safe wooden toy?

With the increasing popularity of wooden toys, awareness of the safety of wooden toys is not only a priority for companies that make or sell toys, but it is very useful for consumers who are looking for well-made and safe wooden toys for their home and family.

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How wooden toys contribute to a child's development.

Why should you choose wooden toys? Unlike plastic, wood is a natural and ecologically responsible material. Moreover, if the product is made with the FSC wood label, it ensures sustainability in the forests.
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Miks oma lapsukeste jaoks valida looduslikud orgaanilised puidust mänguasjad?

Why choose natural organic wooden toys for your little ones?

Play is one of the fundamentals of healthy and normal childhood development, and as Albert Einstein once wisely said: "Play is the highest form of study".

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Montessori toys. What makes a toy a Montessori toy?

If we adults are overstimulated by the vast array of toys available, can you imagine what that experience will be like for your child?

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Puzzles for toddlers

Puzzles are one of the most common toys for children aged 1 to 12. It is not only a fun game, but also a very educational activity. Puzzles develop the child's motor skills and attention.

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Baby toys. Questions and answers.

How many toys does your child need? Children need a lot of play to promote healthy development. However, toys are not the only things suitable for play. Every home has a large number of objects suitable for playing: pots, spoons, books, etc.

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How to choose developmental toys for a child?

Currently, there is a huge selection of products promoting child development on the market: various interactive building toys, puzzles and figurines. But does your child need all of them at once?

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