Miks oma lapsukeste jaoks valida looduslikud orgaanilised puidust mänguasjad?

Why choose natural organic wooden toys for your little ones?

The game allows children to connect with all the elements of their life as they experience them. It is an outlet for their exuberant creativity and it forms a very critical part of their childhood.

But what about the safety of toys and their impact on our children's health? Have you ever wondered what plastic toys are made of? Unfortunately, our children are exposed to many harmful chemicals just by using their toys. Babies are given plastic chew rings and toys to chew on at a young age to relieve the baby's sore and itchy gums. But many parents do not realize that many plastic chew rings contain chemicals such as BPA, phthalates and PVC, which babies absorb and digest while chewing on the toy.

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These chemicals can be directly linked to the diseases our babies and children are now suffering from. These include immune disorders, asthma, allergies and forms of cancer, higher rates of learning and behavioral problems, and intellectual disabilities. They also cover a wide range of fertility problems such as birth defects, birth defects and infertility. So while we often think we're doing the right thing, our actions can have far more damaging consequences than we know.

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So what makes a toy chemical free? First of all, it must be made of natural materials, not man-made synthetic materials. Untreated natural materials that have been organically grown, such as organic cotton, natural rubber, and untreated wood, are obviously preferred. A lot of toy manufacturers that come along and make environmentally friendly toys, so our recommendation is to know your toy brand supplier and support them.

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Then there is the matter of color. We all know the dangers of exposure to high concentrations of lead, so always make sure your paints are water-based. This means that they are safe for children's toys and at the same time

environmentally friendly. Or you can simply buy wooden toys that are as natural as possible, without paint or varnish.

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As parents, we need to demand better and safer products for our children, and we need to ask where and how and with what these products are made. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves so that we can read labels and understand exactly what we are buying and bringing into our homes.

Our store brings you carefully selected and curated organic and wooden toys from around the world. We are committed to our mission - "No compromise on quality for price when our children are at stake!"