Mänguasjad väikelastele, beebimänguasjad ja pusled. Mänguasjapood Fairy Kitten
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Mänguasjad väikelastele, beebimänguasjad. Mänguasjapood Fairy Kitten
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Mänguasjad väikelastele, beebimänguasjad ja pusled. Mänguasjapood Fairy Kitten
The best baby toys!
Puidust pusle on kõige paremini arendav mäng lastele | Fairy Kitten Mänguasjapood

Wooden puzzle is the best developing game for children

Should you choose an 18-piece puzzle? Or is it better with 26 pieces? But what should be in its picture? As with any purchase, choosing the perfect puzzle can be difficult. You know that when choosing a toy, your child may not like the educational toy.

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Puidust mänguasjad | Fairy Kitten Mänguasjapood

Wooden alternatives to popular plastic toys

Which do you prefer: On one side are the battery-powered, landfill-filling, easily-breakable plastic toys you see everywhere on TV and in hypermarkets. On the other side are timeless, eco-friendly, durable quality, educational AND fun wooden toys.

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5 Montessorist inspireeritud esimese sünnipäeva kingiideed | Fairy Kitten Mänguasjapood

5 Montessori inspired first birthday gift ideas

First birthdays are magical and unforgettable. Our wooden toys for one-year-olds are Montessori-inspired toys that they will never forget. At Fairy Kitten Toy Shop, we offer delightful toys of lasting quality that both children and their parents will love.
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