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Wooden alternatives to popular plastic toys

The age-old battle: plastic vs. wooden toys.

Which do you prefer: On one side are the battery-powered, landfill-filling, easily-breakable plastic toys you see everywhere on TV and in hypermarkets.

On the other side are timeless, eco-friendly, durable quality, educational AND fun wooden toys.

Today we're going to introduce you to some wooden alternatives to popular plastic toys that you can gradually start using in the hopes that it'll feel a little less intimidating AND we'll prove to you that for every plastic option, there's an even better wooden option.

Stacking games

Currently very popular toys that can be found in various shapes and sizes, most of which are made of plastic. Plastic rings, plastic cups, plastic figures, etc. But what if we had another choice? Our stacking games come in a variety of colors and help your little one develop their motor skills. We also have a super cute smiling moon balancing game that is perfect for any playroom.

Stacking games | Fairy Kitten Toy Shop

Moving toys

This is a big category! Kids love toys that can be pushed and pulled and rolled in any direction their little heart desires. What they don't like is when these toys quickly break down, run out of batteries and simply stop working. Once again we can help you! From our gorgeous pink ice cream truck to our wooden helicopter, we've got the perfect range of durable, sustainable and handmade toys that will stand up to everyday play.

Educational toys

This one's for you mommies! Of course we want the toys to be fun and engaging - we need a few minutes to fold the laundry - but if they are also educational, so much the better. We have a few options that meet all the criteria: our wooden puzzles are a good way to help little ones recognize objects and colors. In terms of shapes and numbers, rope games and towable toys are our customers' favorites! See also our entire list of educational toys !

I believe the real winner is clear - the winner is the children when you choose good quality durable wooden toys over plastic toys. This change doesn't have to happen overnight, but if you want it and would like a little extra motivation, you can join our newsletter and receive regular offers!

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