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5 Montessori inspired first birthday gift ideas

First birthdays are magical and unforgettable. Our wooden toys for one-year-olds are Montessori-inspired toys they'll never forget. At Fairy Kitten Toy Shop, we offer delightful toys of lasting quality that both children and their parents will love.

If you are looking for Montessori-inspired first birthday gift ideas for your eco-grandmother, you are in the right place!

Our website even has a separate section with first birthday toys. You can find it here .

Below you will find a selection of fun and sentimental first birthday gifts that are sure to appeal to young children.


The first wooden puzzle

One of our best puzzles. Extra large puzzle pieces and kid-friendly farm motifs make this a perfect first puzzle.

Goki Wooden Puzzle | Fairy Kitten Toy Shop

Not only is it a delightful gift that your one-year-old will treasure for years to come, this puzzle also helps develop coordination, critical thinking and problem-solving, making it the perfect toy for play-based learning.


Wooden shape sorter

We so love the special look in children's eyes when their heads click and they learn and retain a new skill! We can see for ourselves how proud they are of themselves.

Wooden shape sorter | Fairy Kitten Toy Shop

This is exactly what you will experience with our wooden shape sorter , when your little one matches each shape with the right hole.

Besides being a fun puzzle game, it helps your child's development.

A really good gift for a child's first birthday!


Wooden stacking game

Wooden brick tower | Fairy Kitten Toy Shop

A wooden stacking game is a fun and educational gift for the little ones in your life. With this wooden toy, they learn patterns and sizes through play.

What could be better?

Each toy has different colors, which are all natural and safe wood colors. This fantastic toy is constantly flying out of our woodshop, so grab yours today .


Wooden blocks

Beautiful wooden blocks have different designs and are available in several types of wood.

Wooden blocks | Fairy Kitten Toy Shop

Because of their uniqueness, this is a one-year-old gift that will grow and develop with the child in your life.

Since it can be both a decoration of a children's room and a fun toy that develops eye-hand coordination, every tomboy and eco-mommy would like a set of wooden blocks .


Educational wooden games for the little ones

Developmental games | Fairy Kitten Toy Shop


In the Fairy Kitten toy store , we have a wide selection of different educational games and wooden toys , such as wooden puzzles , wooden and towable toys , role -playing and memory games .

I can't wait to see what toys you choose for your one year old. Happy shopping!